Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Procedures of handling reservation

Front office agent handles room reservation inquired by the guest to the hotel. While handling reservation, he/she should be aware of the information necessary for the reservation formalities. It may be accepted in any mode or source but the procedures will be same for all.
1. Receiving the room request: This section receives a request for reservation of rooms from various sources. He/she must be capable of quickly determining the clients needs and should be ready with reservation form and pen or pencil.
2. Determining room availability: Before reservation of room, he/she should determine availability of rooms for the specified stay requested by the guests. He/she can use forecast board, reservation charts or computer system to determine the availability of rooms.
3. Accept or deny the reservation: If the room is already booked, he/she should suggest the guest for any other alternative hotels.
4. Confirming the reservation: If the guest agreed for the terms and conditions applied to stay at the hotel, then the reservation is confirmed.


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